Explore how volunteerism is a critical component of creating positive change in your community and how it makes you a more engaged citizen.

Constitutional Convention

Learn how the Founding Fathers created the Constitution through a long series of debates and compromises.

Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Examine all of the freedoms and rights we are guaranteed under these to incredible documents and learn how we can use those rights to create positive and meaningful change in our country.

Good Citizenship

Learn all about the many components that can help make you a better citizen in your school, community, and country.

The Branches of Government

Explore how the three branches of government interact and the roles each branch has.

Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist

These two groups and very different ideas on how the new government should be formed. Examine how both groups influenced our founding fathers.

Curriculum Content

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Influential Documents & the Enlightenment

Learn how the Enlightenment period and the influential documents of the time helped form the thoughts of the founding fathers.

Freedom Isn’t Free

Take a look at how many brave men and women throughout our history sacrificed so much to secure and maintain our independence.

Articles I-VII of the Constitution

A Closer look at each article in the Constitution.

How a Bill Becomes a law

Follow the process of how an idea becomes a law through the various steps of the legislative process.

How an Amendment is Created

The Founding Fathers were smart enough to realize the Constitution would have to be amended. Learn the process they put in place to make it happen.

Rule of Law

Explore why the rule of law is so essential in a civilized society.

State and Local Government

Learn how your State and local governments operate so you will be prepared to create positive change in your community and state.